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Prajapatis and  Pattnis joining forces. Why not join the team?  Please read the message from the coordinator - Editor

Blind School Project 2006

Subject: India Revive - Blind School Project 2006

Hi guys,

Got a small request to please post this promotional flyer. Please contact the coordinators if anyone is interested to take part in this IndiaRevive project. We are trying to get as many people involved as possible, so please support us by forwarding this message on!

Bhavisha Mistry

Note: to view in full size please click within the picture enter India Revive 2

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India Revive Project

Our Proud Parajiya Pattni community has always been at the fore front of community service. This is an ideal opportunity for our budding Pattni actors, singers, dancers and those with technical knowledge in sound/lighting etc to get together and help in this very worthwhile cause.
Volunteers, who wish to help, are requested to contact Chetan Narotambhai by e-mail -

Please note - Ideally it would be better for Pattni members who are from London as the group will will need frequent rehearsals and meetings, and would be quite impractical to ask people to come from outside London on a weekly basis.  - Editor

We need some help with a project, basically me and 2 of my friends are co-ordinating and producing a theatrical performance, scheduled for multiple performances around Oct-Dec 2006. It is set to be a big project and so we have already got the wheels in motion. The 3 co-ordinators are I, and the others are my friends from the university.

We are trying to market our production in order to find budding actors, singers, dancers, people with technical knowledge with regards to sound/lighting etc. who can help out with it. We are ideally looking for actors who can talk and understand Hindi.

The entire project is for charity, therefore the show will require ticket purchases, but everyone who takes part in the production must understand from the outset that it is a voluntary position; no one is being paid, including myself and the other two coordinators.

There is a school in India which houses and provides education for blind children. Currently it holds around 15 children, but the premises are not that good. Essentially, it resembles a shanty house from the outside. They aim to make a proper school for these children, and to expand their accommodation to around 100 boys & girls. This is the cause that our proceeds will go towards. We realise that we may not be able to help with the entire funding, depending on the success of the final show, but we feel that anything that we can do will be a help to those who need it.

We have set up a website for those who might be interested, please feel free to take a look at it for further information about the whole project.

We wish to appeal to anyone who has any ideas of anyone who can help participate in this? We shall appreciate if it is possible to post a message about it on the Pattni Connection site and also mention in the next newsletter. I would really appreciate any help you could provide with this, I think it would be great if we could all help towards this worthy cause.
Please let me know of any ideas or people who can help.

P.S. We have been busy the past week organising a preliminary get-together of people who may be interested in taking part, which took place on Saturday, 17th December. I and the other two co-ordinators have a meeting every week, so we are trying to arrange meetings with people who want to take part.

india revive

Further such meetings will be scheduled in Jan. I appreciate your interest in this project and would be grateful for any help you can provide. We have the India Revive website, and have made this information page so people can read the info first, then if they are interested, they can find more detailed information on the website.

I have attached the file to this email.

Thanks again for your help! 


From Chetan Narotambhai Pattni, London

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