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Dear Pattni members

Launch of Parajiya Pattni International Youths Website

I write this with great joy to announce the launch of our new website for Pattni Youths - Pattni Connection International.

Our youths have been requesting and asking for a dedicated website for years. This is what you had envisioned all along. Let me tell you that those who has seen the site are extremely excited!!

Pran Chhaganbhai Arjan

Thanks to our talented youths, it’s perfect! Our guys are now working very hard on it and putting content up and what not. Our goal for this site is only to be the best of Pattni fraternities but also the best Parajiya Pattni website internationally.

Well, the site is now ready, live and accessible to all Pattni Samaj members. Our youths worked hard to be ready and now we formally launch on the second anniversary of our Pattni Connection website - 24th February 2007.

The credit for creating this new site goes to Vijay Vrajlal Bhuderji Pattni of Leicester, UK. Vijay has worked extremely hard, sometimes working whole night to create the site and Vaishali Roy (Kagadada) of Mumbai who created the domain name and presented to us.

The launch of the youth site will also mark the beginning of gradually transferring some of my editorial responsibilities to the youths. Apart from the core topics like Samaj news, Religion, Culture, Community Announcements, etc., it is my intention to let youths run this new site themselves.

This new site is exclusively for the benefit of our Pattni youths. We invite all the Pattni Youths to join in this exciting venture. A website does not have a boundary. The message goes all around the world. So come and join us. Let this be the beginning of the mass youth movement for all Proud Parajiya Pattni Youths. Join forces and realise our dream to form an International Parajiya Pattni Youth Federation.

Best wishes to our youths who I am sure will carry the flag of unity and progress of Pattni Youths around the world. Remember our youths are our future. Let us ensure that we make this new Youth site a success to make all our youths – PPPs – Proud Parajiya Pattnis.


Pran Chhaganbhai Arjan


Health & Nutrition and Education pages are added to this site, please send your articles as the page is regurarly updated.

We will be introducing Youth Newsletter soon, therefore if you are interested then please submit your full details with articles that you would like to appear on youth newsletter to the Editor.



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