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Goodwill Messages from Pattni leaders around the world for new PPA Youth Website

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Chhotalal Damjibhai Pattni, London
Past President Parajiya Pattni Association, UK

My heartiest Congratulations on the launch of the new website.
This is really a forward step in the day and age when the kids are glued to the computer for hours on end.

It will also make communication to them easier.

All I would like to tell to the Youth is that every time there is a function you yell that youth has not been consulted or that they have no say in the matter.

Here is YOUR OWN site. So make the best of it.

We have tried to give you a lot of opportunities, but you have availed none

Good Luck and best wishes

Chhotu Pattni.

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Posted on 03/03/07

Uday Valjee
Pattni Connection Website Rep. for South Africa

We have visited the new website, and have found it creatively exciting, it will definitely create new bonds, relationships and
connect more Pattni youths worldwide.

On behalf of all the Pattni's in South Africa, I would like wish the youths well in this new venture, may they always succeed
in every aspect in the present as well as in the future.

Our South African Pattni youths will always be at the forefront supporting Pattni Connection website to unite Pattnis around the world

Wishing you success always...

Uday Valjee

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Posted on 03/03/07

Ashwinbhai Govindji Kagdadia
Parajiya Pattni Association

PPA Youth Website
I wish you every success and may god bless you with strength to carry on with the work of PPA in the UK. You are the future. Our fathers established this Association and today we pass this legacy onto you to preserve develop and strengthen for future generations of Parajiya Soni Samaj.

Ashwin Govindji Kagdadia

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Posted on 24/02/07

Kantibhai Ghaghada
Jamnagar Pattni Samaj

I have been following the development of the new youth site.
It is nice that youth has launched their separate website and it will useful to them. I must convey my congratulations to them for their task.

With regards,


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Posted on 24/02/07

Chandubhai Mohanlal Bhimji
Past President and present Birmingham committee member

The Pattni Connection has generated a lot of interest within the Samaj around the world and as mentioned time flies and congratulations are due for the 2nd Anniversary celebrations.

Well done
It has given me great pleasure in reading the news in the newsletter regarding the new site professionally created, designed and maintained by our youths and for the benefit of our youths. This site I am sure would benefit all the youths of our community in different fields of their own choice.

Message to the youths: -
To all the youths I want to let them know that they are the future of our community and leaders of tomorrow. Make the best use of the site to communicate and interact with the youths of our community.

Congratulations and Best Wishes
Chandu Mohanlal Bhimji

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Posted on 24/02/07

Mahendrabhai Maganlal Pattni
Treasurer – Hindu Forum of Britain and Hindu Council, Brent UK
Past President – Parajiya Pattni Association

My heartiest congratulations to all those involved in this project and well done to the youngsters who have worked so hard to bring this to fruition
Much needed initiative which should enable the Pattni Youths to at last have a forum for communicating. So many have tried in the past but perhaps the need of the hour was to use the tools (electronic media) that's now is a must.
This site should open up so many opportunities for communication in our community within the UK and internationally and should assist in the development and understanding of global issues that we are faced with.
Once again congratulations and well done to all those involved.

Mahendra Maganlal

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Posted on 24/02/07

Ashwin Morarji Soni
Trustee - Gurjar Hindu Union (GHU) Ltd
Crawley (London)

I am delighted to hear about the launch of the web site for youths. They are our future and we have to be creative to keep them engaged (“connected”) as much as we can in our Nath and more importantly our culture and religion.
I wish you the very best in this new exciting progression of Pattni Connection. As always if you need any help or support then do let me know.

Jai Shree Krishna
Best regards
Ashwin Morarjibhai Soni

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Posted on 24/02/07

Jyotikar Pattni
(Vedic writer for Pattni Connection)


Lots of loving regards
Jyotikar Pattni – Tingooram

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Posted on 24/02/07

Nalini Pattni

Pattni connection has already done well in connecting Pattni's not only in UK but round the world. We are now merging from all direction into the Pattni Connection via technology. I feel this is not one step but more then one step of moving forward in many ways.

I would like to congratulate the Youths of Today on the launch of their new site. May it keep moving forward and bring in more knowledge of the future for tomorrow's Pattni generation. God Bless you all.

Best wishes
Nalini Pattni

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Posted on 24/02/07


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