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More of our Youths run in 'Race for Life'

We are indeed proud to see our youths participating in fund raising events. We would also like to congratulate other Pattni youths who also ran in ‘Race for Life’:

Jaymini Katira
Fundraising target: £200.00
Donations to date: £295.00

Anjali Pattni
Fundraising target: £500.00
Donations to date: £721.00

Here is a chance for you to donate to Heena’s Fund raising
Event: Luton Event Date: 25th Jun 2006
Heena Pattni
Fundraising target: £500.00
Donations to date : £720.00. So far, you can make the difference.
We would like to hear from other youths who taking part in such events. Send us your news by e-mail and we shall publicise in our website. - Editor

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Proud Parajiya Pattni youths raised £600 for ‘Race for Life’

Sonal Sameer Pattni, Rupa Arun Pattani, Meera Arun Pattani and Rajshree Arun Pattani completed the 5km Cancer Research 'Race for Life' on the 8th July 2006.

The race was held in the grounds of Regents Park in the heart of Central London, and the day bought together 5,000 participants who together raised over £400,000 on the day.

Rupa Pattni sent us the message that they all had an amazing day and the atmosphere was truly something to experience! Since initially registering in March 2006, the four of us have raised a combined total of almost £600.00 and we would like to thank all of our friends and family who contributed to this good cause and supported us to exceed our target of £350.00. The next goal ......the 10k!!

Editor’s note :-

Congratulations to Sonal, Rupa, Meera and Rajshree for participating in such an event for a worthwhile cause and raising £600. This is most commendable community work and our community will be proud of you.
It will be a double celebration for Rupa as she is also tying a knot!! She is getting married to Mehul this week. Our best wishes to Rupa and Mehul and all other couples listed in the wedding announcement section.

Fundraising events like Race for Life are vitally important to Cancer Research UK as they enable us to continue our life-saving work.

We are committed to curing cancer faster by understanding its causes and investigating how best to prevent, diagnose and treat the disease. We also fund research aimed at improving the quality of life for cancer patients and providing the best possible support to patients and their families.

Cancer Research UK is the major supporter of breast cancer research in the UK, with an annual spend of over £20 million.  The charity also funds research into many other types of cancer that touch women’s lives.

Cancer Research UK relies overwhelmingly on donations from people like you.Please join Race for Life  today and help raise the money we need to cure cancer faster.

For free information about cancer and its treatment, please visit our patient information website, CancerHelp UK.

race for life

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Sponsor our Pattni Youths for a worthwhile cause

Message from Rajiv Shantilal Arjan Dhanak, London

I've just signed up to take part in the Sainsbury's Sport Relief Mile on Saturday July 15th at London.

Please sponsor me to help raise money for Sport Relief - any amount you can spare will make a big difference.

All the money raised will go to help vulnerable people leading tough lives here at home in the UK, and in the poorest countries in the world.

Thanks for your support in advance and keep your eye out for me on the telly on Sport Relief Saturday!

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We will be introducing Youth Newsletter soon, therefore if you are interested then please submit your full details with articles that you would like to appear on youth newsletter to the Editor.



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